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Engaging, educational and fun. Nanny Ash brings a warmth and energy to her work that compliments her passion for food and expert knowledge of childcare

Nanny Ash runs a range of workshops, consultancy services and cookery classes ideal for parents and children alike. To book please contact Ashley@nannyash.com

Childcare Consultancy

One to One Session: As a Child Food Expert, Nanny Ash will work closely with you and your child to develop a positive attitude towards meal times and a healthy relationship with food. No problem is too big or to small, make food time the best of times with one to one help from Nanny Ash

Group Cooking Lessons

Enquire now about Nanny Ash’s Group Cooking Sessions and learn how to cook fabulous food from the comfort of your own kitchen. Go home with a range of original recipes and a whole host of memories. Perfect for mothers wanting a fun, relaxed evening/weekend with their friends.

Workshop: Promoting a Healthy Relationship with Food

Nanny Ash believes that education and personal choice is important, particularly during a child’s formative years. In this workshop Nanny Ash will help you in promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle whilst making the experience fun and enjoyable for your children. The aim of the workshop is to give you the tools to engage and educate your children on food choices, whilst providing you with healthy recipes that taste as good as they make you feel!

Workshop: First Stage Weaning

Giving you the tools, recipes and time saving techniques to help your baby transition from Milk to Solids seamlessly

Workshop: Post-Maternity Meal Plans

Going back to work is a stressful time. Let Nanny Ash help with meal prep solutions and innovative meal plans that take the stress out of cooking and bring the family back around the dinner table

Workshop: Let’s Not Make A Meal of It (Overcoming Fussy Eating)

In this workshop you will learn the tools that will help your child become more adventurous with their food choices.

Group Session: Making Food Time Fun

Learn a range of tailored activities developed to help parents make food time fun for their children.

Business Packages

Nanny Ash hosts employee welfare days to help working parents bond over their love of children and great food. Great for team bonding and building a company ethos centered around family and friendship.

Speaking Engagements, Podcasts, Magazine Articles

Nanny Ash is keen to discuss and share her views with fellow industry experts and is always available for speaking engagements, podcasts and interviews. She is also available for guest magazine/newspaper articles

All enquiries should be sent to Ashley@nannyash.com

Darcey’s Dream

This year Nanny Ash has chosen Darcey’s dream as the charity